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Stuck in a Timewarp with no Sidekick?

If you happen to use timewarp on a page that has never been published before (i.e. a page with no version history, yet) you can run into an interesting problem - no Sidekick!  Suddenly, your Author instance looks a lot like a Publish instance.  Only, you are sort of stuck…

The simple way to get the Sidekick back, so that you can turn off timewarp, is to add “?timewarp=anything”.  That will bring the sidekick back and you can get back to business… Or you can ‘do the timewarp again’ (sorry, couldn’t resist)

OSGi “@Reference” Suddenly Stopped Working?

I recently switched from CQ 5.6 to 5.6.1. Next thing I know, my java code won’t compile.  I get some really long stack trace that seems to have nothing to do with anything… Well, after a bit of searching around, I came across the following:

and, for further information on the specific Java issue at hand, came across this:

Adding: “-XX:-UseSplitVerifier” to the CQ start script resolved the issue.

Hope this saves you some time!

Custom Servlet Paths in CQ5

If you need to write a servlet in CQ5, say to handle form submission or something, you will undoubtedly have turned to your CQ5 Advanced Training guide (right?) or used your favorite search engine to find how-to help on the interweb… You may have noticed that almost every tutorial has an example servlet path that looks like one of the following:

<form action="/services/mycompany/ShippingDetailsServlet" method="post">

<form action="/bin/some/example" method="post">

Then, when you try to create one yourself, you use something like:

<form action="/mycompany/myservlet/" method="post">

(i.e. something other than ‘bin’ or ‘service’) only to get a 404 resource not found error…  Here’s how you add custom servlet paths in CQ:

  • Go to the Felix Console Config UI: http://<your-instance>:<port>/system/console/configMgr
  • Find the “Apache Sling Servlet Resolver” bundle (I use search)
  • Click on it
  • Under “Execution Paths” add a new entry
  • Add your custom servlet path

That’s it!  Enjoy…

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